What Honey's offer, therefore, is a range of raw, fresh dog foods, bones, chicken wings, biscuits and treats. They prepare everything to order using locally produced ingredients and all their recipes have been designed and approved by Honey’s own Chief Veterinary Surgeon.

Given the quality of the ingredients and the personal nature of their service you may be surprised by how little it costs.

Dogs and their wolf ancestors have eaten raw food for over a million years. This is what their teeth and digestive systems are designed for and they thrive on it. 

There are many benefits to reap from a raw diet. These include a glossy coat, healthy skin, lean muscle tone, a robust immune system, sweet smelling breath, healthy teeth and gums, increased energy, better digestion, strong heart and more energy and vitality. 

Dogs eating a raw food diet can be expected to live longer and should suffer less illness and disease. 

There is lots of information (including research findings) about the health benefits of a raw food diet elsewhere on their site.

The food is made using lean, minced meat (free-range chicken, pork, beef, lamb, wild rabbit or other game), grated vegetables and a natural mineral and vitamin supplement. The bone is ground (so that it can barely be seen) and mixed in. 

They also supply individual bones in convenient sizes as well as chicken wings, handmade biscuits and treats.

Honey’s is a small, ethical, family-run working dog food company. They believe that working dogs should eat the same sort of diet that they would enjoy if they lived in the wild. 

There is a growing body of evidence that modern, processed dog food is actually bad for dogs whereas if they eat the diet that nature intended for them – that is to say raw, fresh meat, bones and vegetables – they are both healthier and happier. 

Honey’s Dog Food is all designed for working dogs. They offer two ranges, their 'Out of Season Working Dog Food' is designed for working dogs that are resting or in low-level training. Their 'Active Working Dog Food' is designed for active working dogs who are travelling a lot.

It costs much less than you might think to feed your dog with Honey’s. They keep the cost down by dealing direct with their customers (so no profit to retailers or wholesalers) and by not advertising. The price is linked to the exact weight of your dog and will be calculated for you as part of the order process. Here are some typical examples: 

Cocker Spaniel

£1.65 a day


£2.10 a day


£2.50 a day


£2.75 a day

Golden Retriever

£3.10 a day

For further details and to order please see the Honey's Real Dog Food website:


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